Product Clarity Statement

Descor, LLC (founder/owner of Asset & Asset 2 product lines), understands that there has been some confusion in regards to the affiliation of our products and Floyd Nutrition, LLC.

Floyd Nutrition has at NO TIME been affiliated in the formulation, production, funding or selling Asset Products.

The owner of Descor, LLC at one time WAS a distributor of Floyd Products, sold under the following names: (ZXT, ZXT Gold, Magic Slim, Platinum Body Slim, ZXT Slim, Infinity and Zi Xiu Tang Bee Pollen).

During time spent as a distributor with Floyd Nutrition, it was apparent there was a need for a product that would offer safe appetite control, increase metabolism, boost energy and the immune system all without a harsh detox effect.

After much research, Descor, LLC was created and Asset & Asset 2 were formulated and funded solely by the owner of Descor, LLC. In the fall of 2011, the owner of Descor, LLC., resigned as a distributor for Floyd Products to persue their own company's interest.

In closing, Descor, LLC understands that the desire and methods to lose weight is a personal preference. Weight loss has NEVER been so easy.  Either you want Asset with or without bee pollen? It's that simple!  Remember.... Asset is all natural, affordable and IT WORKS!
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